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I frequently speak and consult companies, organizations and educational institutions on social media and communications. If you’re interested in inviting me to present to your company, please contact me. However, please note that I cannot accept simply coffee or warm thanks as payment. If you’re looking for free work, try contacting any of these people.

Past Speaking Engagements:


Here are some recommendations pulled from my LinkedIn profile:

“Aaron is one of the best social media consultants in the business. His knowledge is unsurpassed, but more importantly he has the ability to turn that knowledge into programs that help to drive business results. Aaron is both patient and candid – two attributed rarely found in the same consultant. Put simply, if you have an opportunity to work with him, do it.”
- Ken Peters, Vice President, Text 100

“Aaron is one of our go-to guys for all things digital + social media…His extensive knowledge is matched by his passion, which makes Aaron a pleasure to work with, online or off.”
- Matt Shaw, SVP, Director of Communications, Council of Public Relations Firms

“Aaron delivered a workshop to a group of people from across Cisco on blogging as corporate employee plus participation in and techniques for maximizing other social networking and social media (e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, etc). Aaron did a great job of relating to the novices as well as the most experienced people in the audience and focusing on how to spend time and effort on social media and how to measure as well as maximize your chances of success.”
- Jeff Weinberger, WebEx (Cisco)

“Aaron has worked as a new media consultant for my team for the past year and a half and we wouldn’t have been able to execute on all the things we did without his strategic advice and counsel…He is also a great presenter and knowledgeable speaker. He hosted our first employee training session on blogging and I got great feedback from attendees.”
- Jeanette Gibson, Cisco