Tagnic: Are You Playing the New Twitter Game?


Tagnic is my new favorite game on Twitter. Unlike previous games like Spymaster that annoyed and alienated both friends and customers alike, there’s no DM spam and playing is pretty unobtrusive. In fact, your friends might not even know you’re playing until you let them in on it.

Tagnic is the first social game created by a young startup called SocialBomb. I am friends with its founders (@doryex, @scottiev and @rebelprince), which is how I came to start playing.


Start by signing up here and following @tagnic on Twitter so that the bot can keep track of your tweets. Then, when you’re writing to someone, you can assign them different descriptive words by adding a plus sign (+) before the word in your tweet.

For example, if I wanted to play with my friend Paull Young (@paullyoung), I could write, “@paullyoung is a PR +crimefighter and great +blogger.” Paull would then receive “crimefigher” and “blogging” points.

Similar to the popular iPhone/Android game Foursquare, Tagnic assigns badges based on various combinations of words. Here’s an example.

What I like about this game is that it’s social, it’s fun and it’s a new way to interact with your friends on Twitter. This of it as personal hashtags.


Games like Tagnic are an opportunity to help better define our social interactions in a fun and engaging way. While I have no idea what Social Bomb plans are for further Tagnic development, imagine how a brand could get involved by sponsoring a badge.

For example, if a user receives a combination of words like “caffeine,” “addict,” “coffee,” “awake,” and “Starbucks,” that individual could receive the Starbucks Java Junkie badge.

Marketers could also reward users for obtaining certain badges related to their brand or gain insight into how people talk about their brand based on a combination of words.


Tagnic is still in its early stages of development. I want to be able to showcase my badges easily on my Twitter profile, not just on the Tagnic page. But the concept is really strong and has the potential to add a new level of fun on top of an already highly engaging platform. Give it a try. It might take a quick explanation to get your friends/followers involved, but once they catch on, you won’t be able to stop.

@Tagnic is +addictive, +fun and +easy to use!

Once you’ve played, please leaves some feedback about it below!

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