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This Twitter Guide is intended to serve as a resource for public relations and communications professionals learning about microblogging (also called microsharing) platforms. If you have any questions, share them with me on Twitter .


Twitter in Plain English:

Getting Started
Twitter Guide from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

Desktop Tools for Updating Twitter
TweetDeck is my favorite desktop Twitter application. You can organize your followers into groups, allowing easy visualizations for your community.
Twhirl is another great desktop app, especially if you have want to update FriendFeed and Twitter from the same place.

Create Your Own Twitter Background
Download the Template here to add your contact information to the left side of your Twitter page.
Enhanced Twitter Profile also requires Photoshop.


90+ URL Shortening Services (via Mashable)
Twitter Fan Wiki includes over 100 applications for using Twitter via your desktop, adding images, finding statistics and more. Only go here if you want to be overwhelm
Twitter Karma lets you see which of your Twitter followers are following you in return.
Qwitter alerts you when any of your followers stop following you.
Twubble searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.
Twitterholic shows you the top 100 Twitter users.
Xefer indicates what time of day a person updates Twitter his/her Twitter status.
StrawPollNow is an easy way to take a quick poll of your Twitter followers.
TwitStamp allows you to post your Twitter status on blogs, forums, websites… wherever.
Twist is useful for seeing trends in Twitter.
Canva is a drag-and-drop design app for creating sharable images to keep your Twitter profile looking professional and fresh.

Listening/Finding Conversations
Twitter Sniffer is a Yahoo Pipe for keywords on Twitter sent to your RSS feed reader (via Fast Wonder Blog)
Monitter lets you monitor the twitter world for a set of 3 keywords and watch what people are saying.
Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are sharing on Twitter.
Twitter Search is the official Twitter search tool, and one of the best.
Twits Like Me examines your previous Tweets and makes recommendations for people to follow.
TweetBeep enables you to receive alerts by email whenever a specific word or phrase is tweeted on Twitter.
Tweet Scan is a very easy to use Twitter search engine.

Twitter Directories
Just Tweet It is another directory where you can list yourself by category.
Twitdir is an awesome Twitter user directory.
Twellow is a directory of Twitter users by category.
Social Brand Index has a list of brands with a Twitter presence.
Twitter Packs is a place to get a starting idea of who on Twitter posts about what.

How to LiveBlog a Conference using Twitter

Twitter on other social networking sites
Tweeple Group on LinkedIn
Company Buzz is a new LinkedIn feature that allows you to track conversations about your brand across social networking sites, including Twitter.
Twitter Strategies and Connections
Twitter Widgets for Blogs

Other Microblogging Platforms
Edmondo is for education.
Yammer is for companies.
Prologue is an open-source “Twitter-like” application from the creators of WordPress.
Socialcast helps employees communicate more effectively by creating private, online communities for businesses of all sizes.
Headmix helps with internal “employee knowledge discovery.”

Case Studies
Exxon’s Fake Twitter account (via Web Strategist)
Best Buy’s “Enterprise Twitter” (via Read/WriteWeb)
Comcast on Twitter.
Tyson Foods on Twitter.
Dell on Twitter.

Journalists on Twitter
Twittering Journalists is a wiki of media people on Twitter.
Newspapers that Twitter was last updated in August.
Global list of news organizations using Twitter
Austin Statesman on Twitter (via Bryan Person)

Following Conversation Threads
Twemes follows public Twitter tweets that start with a # character.
Quotably lets you view and reply to Twitter conversations as threaded discussions.

TweetStats examines your Twitter behavior and shares the resulting statistics in a graphical way.
Tweet Volume illustrates in brightly colored bars the number of times a keyword has been used in a certain amount of time.

Recent Articles/Posts Worth Reading:
Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution (O’Reilly Radar)

Twitter Goes Mainstream (via Wall Street Journal)
Q&A with CEO Jack Dorsey (via IWantMedia)
50 Ideas for Using Twitter for Business (via Chris Brogan)
Touchbase Blog features many posts on micro-sharing.
Beginner’s Guide to Using Twitter for Business (via Duct Tape Marketing blog)
Twitter as a back channel at Conferences (via Laura Bergells’ blog)
Will Microblogging at Work Make You More Productive? (via NYTimes Bits blog)
Getting Intimate with Customers on Twitter (via BusinessWeek by IABC’s Shel Israel)
How Twitter Can Help at Work (via the New York Times)

Additional links can be found here:

Last updated: 04-28-2015

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