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How to Turn Your Next Business Trip into a Social Media Experience

imageMy post today on Mashable is about how to turn your next business trip into a social media experience by leveraging some of your existing networks as well as by adding a couple of others.

One of the best parts about posting to Mashable is seeing the conversations that develop in the comments, so I encourage you to not only read the post, but share your own thoughts as well.

Here are some of the tools that I referenced:

  • Twitter to inform your community about your upcoming plans and see if anyone is in that area and wants to meet.
  • LinkedIn members should take advantage of  the site’s Business Travel section under Answers and either ask a question about the place to which you’re traveling or answer a question by a fellow traveler.
  • TripIt aggregates your trip details in one place, which you can share with colleagues, contacts and family.
  • Social networks geared towards business travelers, including Placely, Dopplr and PairUp.
  • Brightkite, a location based social network that allows you tag your photos by where you upload them and, if you choose, reveals your location so you can discover other members who might be in your area.
  • Utterz, one of the easiest ways to podcast using your mobile phone.
  • Upcoming.org or Meetup to see if there are any industry related events coinciding with your trip.
  • TripHub to coordinate group events, meals or meetings if you’re traveling with several of your colleagues.

Steve Groves at the World Webinar Network adds another tool to the arsenal which I hadn’t heard of, FastPitchNetworking. It’s not necessarily related to travel, but it sounds like a more robust version of LinkedIn.

I know that my post wasn’t exhaustive and I’m confident that the community of travelers (you!) have other tactics to contribute, so please do so.

BONUS VIDEOS: Corporate Social Media in Action


Yesterday while I was leading some social media workshops out West,  Mashable published my latest post on 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media.

It was the first guest post where I included a link to this blog, and I was hoping to welcome readers with a post featuring some additional examples of corporate social media in action.

I’ve assembled this collection of videos where the people responsible for implementing the corporate social media programs I referenced in the post discuss at length their company’s participation.

This collection of conversations could be pretty useful for community managers and social media strategists at large organizations, so if you know of any others, please share them below.

Social Media Word of the Day: Viral

Definition: web, video or image content which gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or IM messages, blogs and other media sharing websites. (Wikipedia)

Corporate Examples: Coke and Mentos video, OfficeMax’s ElfYourself, BlendTec’s “Will It Blend?” video series, Ford’s “Evil Twin” advert

Analysis: It’s difficult for a company to show its personality, but there are ways to do it that maintain the authenticity of the brand, as the corporate examples above illustrate.

A guest post on TechCrunch revealed one firm’s approach to creating viral videos for clients, and it involved a lot of tactics commonly called astroturfing, which is essentially creating the appearance of a grassroots movement when in fact it isn’t..

It’s a common mistake among communicators to ask their PR agencies to create “something viral” without first asking questions like:

  • Who’s our target audience?
  • Why would someone want to share our post/video/image with their friends?
  • What metrics will help us determine if this is successful?

Without first addressing the question of community, audience and content, it’s nearly impossible to create something viral. Looking at the above corporate examples, can you answer those three questions?