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Umm…Craig Newmark and I traded Tweets!

Twitter Screenshot

Yesterday was One Web Day, a worldwide event to celebrate the Internet and examine some of the key issues that we must address together to sustain it as an open, democratic forum. Since I live near Washington Square Park, I decided to wander down and listen to the heavy lineup of speakers.

What a lineup! Participants included Stanford professor Larry LessigJonathan Zittrain from Harvard Law School’s Berman Center for Internet and Society, Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Perry Barlow and Pandora founder Tim Westergren.

I got there a little late. As I arrived, I saw Craigslist founder Craig Newmark walking the other direction with another gentleman. I didn’t have the nerve to ask for a picture with him, so I did the next best thing: I took out my phone and shared that I just saw him with my friends on Twitter. Apparently he saw it and replied!

My favorite part of the reply is that he says, “I’m no big deal,” under which there’s a picture of him with Barak Obama. Ha!

Twitter received a couple of shout outs during the event, including this quote from Jonathan Zittrain, who explained that, “Twitter is like blogs, but more inane.”

Anyway, I continued to share updates from the event via Twitter, and as a result, ended up posting a short blurb about it on Mashable

The power of Twitter to connect disparate people continues to amaze me!