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Friday Links for 8-21-09

linklove.png Here are some interesting articles I read this week I thought you might enjoy:

Social Media Charm School:“When it comes to social media, it is easy to be dazzled by big numbers and strong opinions. But often what is really needed isn’t a comprehensive strategy with metrics and targets, but a charming and intelligent human personality.” (via graphpaper)

Mobile Marketers Must Look Past The iPhone: “With all the negative press, should marketers question their own love affair with the device and its app platform?” (via Silicon Alley Insider)

Hyperlocal news makes news: the case of Everyblock: Yesterday’s reports of MSNBC’s acquisition of Adrian Holovaty’s Everyblock have generally treated the latter as a “hyperlocal news service.” And to be sure, this is abetted by some of the language Everyblock itself uses to frame and describe what it offers: a “news feed for your block” which can help you “find news nearby.” But for whatever it’s worth, I’ve never understood Everyblock’s fundamental proposition in quite this way, and here’s why I think understanding what it offers as “news” is giving it short shrift. (via Urban Omnibus)

Image credit: Shutterstock