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BONUS VIDEOS: Corporate Social Media in Action


Yesterday while I was leading some social media workshops out West,  Mashable published my latest post on 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media.

It was the first guest post where I included a link to this blog, and I was hoping to welcome readers with a post featuring some additional examples of corporate social media in action.

I’ve assembled this collection of videos where the people responsible for implementing the corporate social media programs I referenced in the post discuss at length their company’s participation.

This collection of conversations could be pretty useful for community managers and social media strategists at large organizations, so if you know of any others, please share them below.

My First Mashable Post


Last week I was traveling, so I wasn’t able to share that my first post for Mashable on How to Live Blog a Conference was published on July Fourth!

If you’re not familiar with the blog, Mashable is one of the world’s top 10 blogs according to Technorati, and really one of the premier blogs on social media news and information.

I’ll be posting there a couple times a week over the next few months, so please add it to your RSS reader and leave comments!