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The News Cycle Shortens, Ebbs and Flows

How do blogs and social media affect the news cycle? We all know it’s getting shorter, but what are the implications as we develop media outreach strategies and try to balance our attention between high profile blogs and mainstream media outlets?

A recent New York Times article discusses the results of a new Cornell study where researchers analyzed how news spread between blogs and mainstream media during the 2008 presidential election:

The researchers’ data points to an evolving model of news media. While most news flowed from the traditional media to the blogs, the study found that 3.5 percent of story lines originated in the blogs and later made their way to traditional media.

As Twitter becomes an increasingly popular tool for reporters to source news and collect information, we’ll continue to see a shift in the direction news moves. Although we’ve already seen this happen a few times with breaking stories and liveblogging press events, it will be interesting to see how more controlled announcements are affected.

What do you think? Has your company shifted its communications strategy based on the rise of social media?

Graphic: MemeTracker.org